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Bert Transmissions manufacture a complete line of drivetrain components for the racing industry. Some of the featured products are shown here. See the Bert online catalog for a complete listing. DynoPlus Services Inc. is the Sales and Service Warehouse for Western Canada and the Western USA.

As a warehouse and service department we carry all parts in stock

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and Circle Track Dynamics (CTD)

20 Years ago Bert Robidoux, owner of Bert Engineering introduces the revolutionarry Bert transmission. A direct drive unit with a small internal clutch. It was and still is the closest system to a sprint car direct drive. This major innovation is now the standard in oval track racing.

BERT now brings this winning technology
to the Sprint Car !

assembly weights less than 36 lbs, including 6 1/2” flywheels, bell housing, starter, transmission, torque ball coupler, hydraulic clutch master.



  • All new clutch and gear system.
  • A true neutral.
  • A direct drive that give you the same power response.
  • One lever does it all, First, Neutral, Direct.
  • Over all length of 9.625” from fire wall to center of U- joint

See the Bert Transmission on the Pieguy Racing Sportsman Sprint car at Rocky Mountain Raceway Park in High River, Alberta.

LMZ - Oval Track -
2 Speed Transmission with internal clutch

  • Dog teeth drive for easier shifting
  • Two speed with reverse
  • LMZ is IMCA approved for Modified type transmission
  • Improve rear suspension traction with Ballspline tailhousing option
  • Shifter extra

MOZ - open drive modified transmissions with internal clutch

  • including shifter and rear yoke,
  • featuring an overall length of 11 inches from mounting face to rear yoke center,
  • combining all this for an operating weight of only 36lbs
  • Shifter extra

Late Model Bell Housing
  • Late model bell housing with Chevy transmission bolt pattern

Ball Spline Drive-Shaft
  • Get read of the hidden bind
  • Modified Car Application

Two Piece Flywheel
  • A) two piece design allows changing of ring gear or hub
  • B) the smallest and lightest flywheel available
  • C) H.T.D. or Gilmer hubs made from high strength steel
Drive Flange
  • Adapts your BERT Transmission to any popular engine combination


Tiger Rear End/CTD Quick-Change Side Bell
  • Somebody finally did it, it is now possible to replace an axle tube in 15 minutes at the race track. Yes, CTD's patented safety taper lock design does it all for you...
  • No need to remove the side bell
  • No need to press the old tube out of the side bell
  • No need to heat bell or tube
  • No drilling or tapping required
  • Just loosen CTD's patented taper lock and remove the safety pin. Install the new tube, taper lock, safety pin and your are done!

Ball Spline Tailhousing

Introducing the greatest design improvement since the BERT Transmission. The new Ball Spline Drive system, incorporated in your BERT transmission will give you an amazing 5 inches of drive-shaft yoke travel! We have shortened our regular transmission by one inch so your existing drive-shaft will automatically give you the extra movement needed for today's suspension. We now also offer a longer BERT transmission for a direct replacement of a Muncie length transmission, so your existing drive-shaft will work without modifications.

Lightweight Wide-5 Hub

The unique H-beam profile transfers forces effectively to the bearing housing. The result is a sleek, high strength-to-weight ratio racing hub.
BERT New Wave Brake Rotor

We make brake rotors for many type of race car such as Late Model, Modified, Sprints, Karts and Formula Ford.

Tire Bead Breaker
  • This air-operated race car tire bead breaker is the state of the art. Light and easy to operate, this machine will break your tire quickly and effortlessly, separating your tire and costly aluminium rim without a scratch. run on any air compressor with 80-120 psi.

Ford Formula Parts

We offer our service to a wide range of sport cars like Formula Ford and we provide top quality products like:

  • Axle Shaft
  • Rotor
  • Hub and related components for this industry
We have also built many speed car parts, so feel free to contact us with your special request.
For Information and Pricing contact us at (403) 540-2134 or info@dynoplus.com